The Gaia Gallery

Over a decade a go I was on a long journey trough Asia with the goal to cross it from west to east. One morning at the bottom of mount Kailash (Kinnaur) one of countless awe-inspiring mountains in the Himalayas, I started what turned into The Gaia Project.
On that day I felt the desire to say thanks to Gaia (Mother Earth) for hosting me and let me be able to feel, see and realize all this beauty. I started to build a stone pagoda which took me two days to collect the rocks and build it, not knowing yet that I'll continue to build this towers for a long time. From that expiriance on I was on the look out for locations of Natural beauty who also offer good amount of rocks to honor Gaia with a Inukshuk.
A Inukshuk refers to a human-made stone landmark or cairn used by the Inuit, Iñupiat, Kalaallit, Yupik, and other peoples of the Arctic region of North America. I adopted this name later for my project, but from the beginning it was clear that its about Gaia.
Now a decade later I am counting 70 installations in this serie spread over a big part of Earth's surface and there is no end in sight. I am looking forward to the next milestone and keep spreading love and awareness for Earth, our only home we have.

I wish humankind realizes as soon as possible that the illusion of what we think we are, is the only thing which makes us different from each other. Ones we understand this we can start to open our minds to use our energy to protect us and our environment instead of fighting each other and waste Mother Earth for profit.