Gaia Inukshuk #1

  • Date 02.10.2007
  • Hight: ca. 1.9m
  • Location: South-West Himalaya

That's where it all began. Walking around the Himalayas front face, just where the real giant mountains start to peak out of the Earths surface. I was quite overwhelmed by my life on that day. I felt the desire to say thanks to Gaia (Mother Earth) for hosting me and let me be able to feel, see and realize all this beauty.
There was no plan of a longtime project at all, just me, time, happiness and rocks, after two days of work I stood in front of the first Gaia Inukshuk, it was a great moment!
Just when I was about to place the last rock something wonderful happen, the village placed on the opposite ridge was in the full glory of the evening sun while most other parts of the valley been covered in shade. The fast changing details in the landscape due fast moving clouds been a pleasure to look at...

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