Gaia Inukshuk #5

  • Date 24.01.2008
  • Hight: ca. 2m (3m incl. plinth)
  • Location: Hampi

This is where it became serious. For the first time I been planing ahead, had a structure in my mind and took great care of the location I choose. It's one of my favourite places on Earth, many emotions I have been experiencing up there on that incredible pile of giant boulders. Hampi as such give me much but that spot was always kinda the heart for me.
Now I was also sure that I will continue this work, the best in as many different locations as possible to reach a big audience because I want to share the gift of being aware of Gaia's beauty.
Its one of the strongest Gaia Inukshuks, I love it - I love the place its build - I love the reason its build - I love the energy it contains, Thank you Gaia

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