Gaia Inukshuk #13

  • Date 13.04.2010
  • Hight: ca. 1.5m
  • Location: Kiev

This Gaia Inukshuk is very unique. It is the first and till now the only one build in a city. I build it in the botanical garden in Kiev.
My heart was flying, I was in total love. Love for Nature and the universe, love for all living things and love for a very special soul which gave me lots of power and big wishes.
It's also the first time after 3 years I expiriance the awakening of Nature after winter. I do prefer to live in non "winter" regions but I have to admit spring is a awesome time and if spring fever comes along with fresh love its even better ;)
It was quite a mission as there haven't been much rocks around and to level the ground I used my bare hands and a tiny broken garden shovel.
The birch branches are old already of the tree pieces I collected all around the garden. I heard after that this place was often visited by couples, how lovely is that...

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