Gaia Inukshuk #15

  • Date 10.10.2010
  • Hight: ca. 2.2m
  • Location: A Montaut

From the first day I arrived in the Gers region I liked it very much. Beside the beautiful rolling hills its one of the world's biggest sunflower growing areas, in summer you find yourself in countless yellow fields, its just stunning.
The sunsets from this location end quite often in a natural spectacle, I'll share some of the captured once...
I wanted to build one traditional Gaia Inukshuk in middle of this remarkable scenery, but it was also the wish of my parents to get one in front of the house which made me busy at the 10.10.10.
The tricky part was building material, but not so far there was a old overgrown ruin which had some acceptable rocks on offer. To that date it was one of the tallest towers I made.

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