Gaia Inukshuk #21

  • Date: 12.05.2011
  • Hight: ca. 2.2m
  • Location: Wudang Mountains

I feel very blessed to have been staying for such a long time in the magic place. There is much touristic development happen which is quite sad in my opinion. The Chinese gov. creates kinda Taoist - Disneyland out of this historical place previously raped by the cultural revolution. For now I still got to see incredible beauty and some of it will hopefully remain I think.
The diversity of plans, animals, birds and insect is astonishing, it was thoroughly one of the most beautiful places I called home (for a while).
One day I hiked to this lake I spotted several times from above, what I found was a really amazing place, it was no question to me - its stacking time!
Even I build many special towers up to today this will always be one of my most inspiring works! This time it was a even trickier mission as I chose a spot inside a lake. The base plate I had to roll for almost a hour as it was simply to heavy to carry alone, I also had to do so under water. During construction I got really cold feeds since the water is quite fresh, that's nice to cool down but after a while its uncomfortable.

I returned many times to that place and even fixed the tower since the top was falling over and over again. I suspect birds who like that place as a look out, depends on the size of the bird during landing or take-off the force can definitely have a big enough impact.
It was also a preferred spot for dragonfly's to transform from larva to air acrobat. In general I felt this edition blends into nature very well...

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