Gaia Inukshuk #37

  • Date: 20.10.2013
  • Hight: ca. 1.9m
  • Location: Seoraksan

The 37th edition of the Gaia-Project contains a wish. Being build so close to one of the most ridiculous borders on Earth. I think to map the Earth and draw lines which symbolics the owner ship of a certain group of humans is a big mistake and should by urgently think over! Every single human would gain more peace if we would let go of the middle ages.
This tower stands a couple of kilometers south of the line of control between North & South Korea, a line which is drown by a few manipulative humans effecting hundreds of others including families which are pulled apart, and this is not a new story to human-kind ... we had this before! Maybe one of the most famous cases of our time was the division of Germany, but there are countless others. At the end any border is a division which is source of tension .... now what is this all about?
Let me ask you one question, why do we all keep on being played?
Free yourself ~ connect ~ love ~ be yourself!
The players (in our time bankers, politicians and corporations) need playing figures (you/we) at the end its our choice and in my opinion time to wake up...


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