Gaia Inukshuk #38

  • Date: 06.01.2014
  • Hight: ca. 1.3m
  • Location: Lauenensee

After 6 years working on Gaia Project Switzerland and the region I grew up, the Bernoise Highlands got finally its tower. As my visit happen in wintertime it is a very special addition to my stone creations, this time I used ice between the rocks. It took quite a bit of will power to get the rocks out of the ice cold water, but looking at the outcome it was worth the red hands.
The Gaia Project was from the beginning related to the appreciation of being able to experience planet Earths magic I want to remember everybody of our responsibility to take care of our home. Most of us take off our shoes at home to keep it clean but outside we treat our World with little respect. For the sake of money and status we ruin our only place to live! It takes each of us to protect the Earth and its treasures and more than ever before to make our self aware of our exploitative behavior...

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