Gaia Inukshuk #42

  • Date: 04.08.2014
  • Hight: ca. 2.3m
  • Location: Apo Island

Finally arrived at the sea! The big blue deserves one of those for a long time, but till now it was never given that location, time and resources played together.
I actually think its a very nice place to have this debut. Apo Island located in the southern Visayas is a paradise where man is still closer to Nature!
Its a couple of moons ago when a strong typhoon crossed this region of the World and destroyed a huge riff on the east side of the small island. This is part of Nature and all the dead corals will make a lovely white sand beach in a couple of years when the waves grind the big junks to fine sand. For me it was a great opportunity to find lots of building material at the beach to go high. With a height of well over 2m this is one of the tallest towers I build and I was very happy to see it stud its ground for the whole time I was there. Especially the smaller two sisters surprised me to withstand the tide!

The Oceans of the world are being exploit those days and I believe its very important to be aware of that fact and try to avoid supporting this situation. The numbers of humans is exploiting in this age and on the look out for more food and profits we plunder the sea ignoring the fact that even the big endless blue is not as endless as it seams to be!
Think twice if consuming foods from the sea, if we brake the balance of the oceans we will die! Just on a side note, over 70% of oxygen is coming out of the oceans .... its not only food which may one day extinguish but also the very thing your lungs need to breath to supply your body with energy may vanish.

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