Gaia Inukshuk #50

  • Date: 21.03.2015
  • Hight: ca. 2.1m
  • Location: Pu Yingdi

What a wonderful jubilee 50 Inukshuks for Gaia.
What began 7 years ago is growing very beautifully and I could not wish myself a happier anniversary. Spring equinox after a solar eclipse and lots of good energy lead to this work...
This Inukshuk is symbolizing "山" Mountain in Chinese, she is blessed by many great supporters to get all this rocks together and pile them to a very solid sculpture, Thank you so much
For me it will always be in memory of a wonderful event with great energy and spiritual exchange of beautiful Earthlings.

The Dao (reason) which can be named (reasoned) is not the Eternal Dao.
~ Laozi / 老子

We humans try to explain within living memory what this is all about. Many hours of discussion have been held and even wars been fought over it.
Isn't it time to realize that we all perceive the reality with different eyes and therefore even we think we believe in the same concept it will always be a personal reality.
The NOW is what it is all about, as it is whether a memory nor a imagination, it is real. If we give less importance to explain everything which may will be influenced of what was we would may find peace.

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