Gaia Inukshuk #51

  • Date: 05.04.2015
  • Hight: ca. 1.7m
  • Location: Arida River

What I missed on my first visit to this gorgeous region on Earth I could finally accomplish on my second visit. This creation happened very spontaneous and in very limited time. My and my fellow travelers been taken around by a wonderful host in Wakayama which made this Gaia Inukshuk happen.
While driving up the Arida river Gaia was literally calling me, I could not get my eyes away from the window and been scanning the river banks very carefully, such beauty .... wonderful!
It was a very rainy day but my time here was going to a end and I just had to build a Inukshuk. Sure the scenery and location really deserves my attention anyways but in this weather I usually would let time pass and work when Nature is more suitable for that kind of venture. At the end all this rain may caused the mystic touch just before dark when above the water fog start to rise, I really enjoyed the moment!

Thanks so much for the amazing road trip we could experience because of a person we just meet the day before the first time! This Planted would by so amazing if we humans would became more like that to each other. Trusty, sharing, loving supporting each other even we just meet for the very first time, that would lead to a strong toughly civilized world, give it a try

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