Gaia Inukshuk #52

  • Date: 22.04.2015
  • Hight: ca. 2.1m
  • Location: Shan Yang Valley

Traditionally this project supports the Earth Day , also this year a Gaia Inukshuk was build for this special day of the year.
In fact its a day like any other, this tells me everyday is Earth Day and we should care all the time with no exceptions about our Home Planet, it is the ONLY one we have!!!!
Many people get tired with the green activists who preach the danger of global warming and all other kinds of Nature protection topics. This alarming news are around our eyes and ears for a while but nothing big changed and most people are involved to some extend making this world dirty and out of balance ... me included, yes its truth. As many of you may realized I do travel quite a lot and this is also adding to the problem. And if we are honest with our self's most of us have whole lists of things we do or participate which add to the ignorance we humans present to Gaia our Mother Earth.
Every single day she and the Universe share power and a paradise to live in with us asking NOTHING in return, we greedy creatures take it and ruin the place in return ignoring the fact that we dig our own grave!
Now I am not the person who wants to go all back to where we been, I like progress and modern technology, I like to travel, I also appreciate many of modern times possibilities and I do not see any conflict with that, harmony between humans, technology and Nature. It is about how we do it!
We can give something back to Nature, actually we already do in some ways but compared to the destruction on the other hand its peanuts.
I believe we need to radically change our culture, we need to civilize our self as a human race! Stop competing and start working together. There is nothing which can't be achieved if we stop blocking our self's by greed and ideologies of past times (cultures).
One of the main arguments is how to finance a change in energy harvesting or other revolutionary ideas to make our lives healthier and Nature balanced again.
Now how paradox is that???
The scientists are there, the idea is there and the food to feed the scientists as well as the resources to build the new technology is there, we simply block the progress by the fact of missing money. But isn't money imaginary and therefore simply our way of thinking which keeps us away from actually solving the problems we have? Do we need money?

With this question I will leave you today and let your brain work on it for a bit...

HAPPY EARTH DAY '15 ~ Let's make a change NOW!

How? Talk about it, face it, awaken other souls (especially children) and start with small personal changes to minimize unnecessary waste...

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