Gaia Inukshuk #55

  • Date: 02.07.2015
  • Hight: ca. 1.9m
  • Location: Hehuanshan

This work I would like to devote a very close person in my life which is going trough hard times. I wish you all the power to master your situation and even grow stronger...

Life has its ups and downs. Some are self made others just happen but even than we often have a lot to do with the cause of a situation.
What ever happens to us we still make our own decisions on how we perceive the world and the circumstances we find our selves in. As more balanced we are as easier it is to deal with the not so bright sides of life. Sometimes it happens that a total change is necessary after a break down of any possible kind, to be able to get somewhere positive again.
If one can free himself from the fear of the unknown one can change his/her situation much easier. Its important to not look at the losses but at the new possibilities as I believe there are always options to make ones life meaningful and happy! Think out of the box, be creative, put your world upside down. Trigger even the smallest wish if you can't find any bigger at the time and work on make it happen. If you are able to face some of your fears and wrongdoings you will grow and give stability to your being. Happiness and success will naturally follow! Keep in mind that even the worst condition you find yourself in will never get better by focusing on the negative, it just doesn’t.

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