Gaia Inukshuk #56

  • Date: 18.07.2015
  • Hight: ca. 1.7m
  • Location: Air Terjun Munduk

This Gaia Inuksuk is the first of its kind in the southern hemisphere.
I never experienced that level of cold during construction even being in tropical Bali. The only time I remember worse cold was in Switzerland when build a tower with ice, this time it was the constant spray of water with the winds created by the waterfall who made my body literary shiver even carrying around those heavy rocks.

When I moved on my travels after building this tower I spot a farmer on the side of the road spraying his vegis with pesticides that made me think...
Being in hindu Bali for some days and experiencing the dedication of locals pray and offer daily lots of flowers rice and other thing as a religious ritual to please the god's which I refer to the universe and Nature as such.
For sure how we persive the world and relate it to god or god's is very diffrent from each of us but try for once to see it from a diffrent angle which I belive dos not violate your point of view. If we think of god as the everything, Nature or the universe or if you can relate better to this as he is the creator of the mentioned than I have one question for you.
We create pesticides which is poison to living creatures made by god (Nature) to kill them according to save our foods for our self. Basically we are not willing to share what we have for the sake of natural balance. See in Nature things work the best if there is a high diversity so everything is in a healthy balanced environment.
In the first place we interfere with nature by creating mono-culture and therefore tip the balance but not enough we than add the poison to create more foods ignoring the fact that we poison our self's as well!
And now back to where I started, we than take some of those goods and go offer them to god's as seen in many cultures and faiths around the globe. Isn't this strange?
And think big at the end this includes all and everything our believe systems consume in energy, starting at building temples, churches and mosques and feeding priests and other self declared "leaders".

My feeling is it would by healthier for all of us and would please god('s) way more if we live a sustainable live in harmony with Nature (god) instate violate the balance and after make donations to please what we just harmed.
Religion and faith is so diverse as mankind is, "there are as many god's as there are man" a wise person once said and I very much agree on this. Even people think they share the faith they still have a shifted concept in their mind and therefore the imagination of god is different.
Now another very wise sentence is "your body is your church (temple or what so ever) taking this in consideration we don't need all around let faith be our personal thing and make all the offerings, sacrifices and worship direct to the source while living a harmonic life in consonance with Nature (god).

Enjoy your life...

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