Gaia Inukshuk #57

  • Date: 29.07.2015
  • Hight: ca. 1.9m
  • Location: Balian Beach

There are moments in life where you should question about everything you do and think. You should by honest by the deepest meaning of this word. Honest towards your actions and visions as it influences everything from the health of your body till your social relations.
I believe that we Humans deep down all know whats good and bad but yet many of us ignore to different extend the calls of our bodies, mind and environment for change.
Sickness, environmental disasters and social troubles are just waiting on the corner for those ignoring the personal and global calls for change.
Many people may not even hear the warnings, because for too long they did not face the troubles deep inside there personality. Sure facing the wrongs its not fun and often fear keeps us away from doing so but as longer you don't go there as messier and scarier it becomes.
If you are able to face some of your fears and wrongdoings you will grow and give stability to your being and relations.
Happiness and success will naturally follow! Keep in mind that even the worse condition you find yourself in will never get better by focusing on the negative, it just doesn’t.

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