Gaia Inukshuk #58

  • Date: 16.10.2015
  • Hight: ca. 2.0m
  • Location: Tai Long Wan

Hong Kong since long time one of my favorite cities in the world. Many people when they think of HK they have those giant buildings and the huge harbor in there mind but HK has much more on offer. I was always impressed by the concrete jungle of this metropolis but what fascinated me more is the cut from skyscrapers to dense jungle. Hong Kong is the place where those two types of jungle meet at a line and co-exist in a unique way.
Hong Kong offers way over 200 Islands. About three-quarters of its area is countryside with landscapes rising from sandy beaches and rocky foreshores to heights of almost 1,000 meters, woodlands and mountain ranges covered by open grassland and a variety of scenic vistas rarely, if ever, matched in so small a territorial unit.

I believe that we can live in harmony with Nature even building such gigantic cities, but the drive should not be money and greed but health and happiness so humans and Nature find back to balance. The result would by amazing, promise!!!

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