Gaia Inukshuk #60

  • Date: 15.08.2016
  • Hight: ca. 1.7m
  • Location: Boom Land

It's been a very long brake for the Gaia Project, almost one year a go when I build the last Inukshuk at Earth Fest in Taiwan.
Now during my first summer in Europe since 5 years its finally happening again and even better its happening in Boom Land, a incredible place full of amazing artists. I know the Boom Festival for almost 20 years but never made it down to Portugal. I was super exited to finally expiriance a Boom my self and being part of the creation family was even better!!!
The 3 weeks on that amazing ground which reminded me always of a scene in Africa was deeply touching and inspiring. Thanks to all you lovely people who came and celebrated LIFE and LOVE! Experiencing this is fuel for the positive mind, it gives hope for humanity that we can transform our species for the better ~ WE ARE ONE!!!!

Beside the Inukshuk we made a Karesansui (枯山水 / dry zen garden)
to contribute to the many amazing art intsalations, follow the link for more information.

Special Thanks to: Kiki, Rui & the Boom Family

Also many thanks to Bruno Victorino for his great images of the Boom Festival which he let me share with you.
Check out his page for more impressions -> Victorino films (flickr) Victorino films (facebook)

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