Gaia Inukshuk #61

  • Date: 23.09.2016
  • Hight: ca. 1.6m
  • Location: Gaomei Wetland

We live in a time where populists and angry people get too much attention. They start to get elected in politics and are successful in media and society.
It's a dangerous fact which indicates the huge problems our world is facing. Its easy by all this troubles to lose it and get angry once self, lost in this overwhelming chaos.
If we are not careful we end up beating each other once again in a global scale quite badly!
Now I am not here to spread pessimism but awareness that each of us has its part of that situation and the responsibility to make a change and therefore influence the mass in a good way.
Most likely there was never less killing and hunger death in percentage by head on this planet as by today. Nevertheless due high technology and overpopulation wrong decisions, patriotic and emotional politics can cause high damage in no time with devastating effects for all living things, but it's also a chance to go beyond the imaginable in a positive way.
It is our future and there is only one, for sure each of us has its own micro-future but at the end we stand all on the same ball....

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