Gaia Inukshuk #62

  • Date: 13.11.2016
  • Hight: ca. 1.7m
  • Location: Xiuluan

This is one of those places where Nature is at its best!
Taiwan got incredibly treasures for the ones who are looking for.
Xiuluan in the center of northern Taiwan is one of those amazing places. It is where two rocky rivers meet and a hot water spring in the middle of it let you enjoy what I believe is Eden. Many people look to far away for answers when its direct in front of them.
Let's protect our Paradise its vulnerable.
Many of those incredible places we already distorted for profit and power.
Why we keep on making people our leaders who not strictly rule in the favor of Nature? We are Nature we basically fool our self, day by day....

Thanks to Xiao Fei for his images of the Hot Spring which he let me share with you.
Check out his page for incredible destinations all around Taiwan -> Follow Xiao Fei

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