Gaia Inukshuk #66

  • Date: 29.03.2017
  • Hight: ca. 1.7m
  • Location: Aria 42

What was long overdue finally happened, a Gaia Inukshuk at Area 42.
I was quite frustrated when my Rock Globe collapsed. The time was short till sunset so I was forced to make quick decision if I want to use this night for star trailing.
I tried to turn the ball slightly to have a different pattern of stars moving behind it for longtime exposures during the night. Yes, I should not have done this at that moment, well it tuned out to be just another lesson of letting go.
As a result of the collapse I had plenty of rocks and a spot available to restart. During the many nights out in my Rock Garden shooting time lapse sequences I had much time to let my fantasize what all can be done with those flat rocks.
One Idea of building a twister came back to me, Kiki a dear friend of mine came up with this inspiration one night when she visit my by the rocks.
I soon after collapse start piling a twister realizing that it was way trickier than I expected. Even all the rocks are totally flat it started to be very shaky after the 3th round (180°). My first attempt failed and I run short of time but I was eager to pay homage at that very day to Mother Earth, and so I give it a immediate second try...

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