Gaia Inukshuk #67

  • Date: 12.04.2017
  • Hight: ca.2.3m
  • Location: Dinh Cape - Ninh Thuận

I spend quite a while on and with this tall version of a Gaia Inukshuk which happen to look like the way I build towers in the early times of this project. I came to this region of the world particular to make some landart installations. On my first day in Ninh Thuận province I drove around to explore the region. There is a very scenic road along the coast with awesome landscapes reaching from yellow and orange sand dunes to serene turquoise waters till Hampi like rockscapes.
Of course it was only the question where exactly I would erect the next Inuksuk. After a while exploring I found a great spot with huge boulders. I knew that it’s going to be challenging to lift, especially the bigger rocks up there but that’s worth it, no?
It took me two days to gather rocks and build this tower and several more to collect imagery of different times, lights and weather including a whole night. I was very happy when I returned after 4 days with partly quite heavy winds to look at a 100% complete piece of work. Its a very solid build and one of the heaviest of its kind, it may last for a while

Spending so much time at this wonderful place I got to experience something you would hardly recognize while just passing by.
We humans are mad! Yes I am serious, our greed and disconnection from Mother Earth is scary. Beside all the garbage flying around in Nature (kinda normal in many parts of the world) I saw like countless man plunder the sea. I really mean plunder, being at this exact location for about 4 days and 1.5 nights I saw like hordes of fisherman come and hunt with no brake, there are about 4-6 “waves” a day. Early in the morning when the armadas of night fishers just go back to sell their fish the next group appears on the corner and even don’t stop of using dynamite for fishing which is the most stupid thing a fisherman can do! It’s just destroys everything including his “future catch”! Not much later many (angel) fisher appear and sit on every third rock for the whole afternoon, this may the ecological way and just fine but at the same time there are new boats and harpoon fisher after the (sea life). And as soon the night sets in the armadas with their floodlights disturb the marine life again for the entire night.
I had much time to think about this while shooting time-lapse sequences. Who is to blame? The fisherman who tries to survive, the developed world which crates needs which aren’t really needs such as smartphones for example, it plants “the need” very successful in the heads of developing countries people. This farmers and fisherman want to finance a product priced at a different standard. The profit of course goes to modern countries where people may think what happens in other part of the world is bad and disturbing but indirect actually take the profit from the very disaster. Its all connected and we therefore should seriously and carefully redesign our entire way of being on that Planet. This story about the greedy fisherman is just one small example of a huge scale problem we face, we literally rape the Earth. Just watch a time-lapse of the Earth’s surface of the past hundreds of years, which visualizes what’s wrong with us.
I think we are all responsible for it and we gotta change! It’s our live style our human culture which makes us to this cancer of the planet.
I don't want to just complain, there are many great thing happen around us and there is great potential for our kind. I think humans are amazing and impressive but in the same moment incredibly stupid and ignorant.
I believe we can all eat, live comfortable and have high technology all in harmony with Nature, not disturbing what we are. But that requires a radical change in human way of life/thinking. We need to work together and stop competing; I said it many times before. Only if the goal is a better healthier life and not an ego driven competition lifestyle we can find a way out of the status quo.

Please help to be part of the change ~ as sooner we change as better Earth as we know (remember) it can recover.

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