Gaia Inukshuk #68

  • Date: 20.04.2017
  • Hight: ca.0.6m
  • Location: Dinh Cape - Ninh Thuận

Happy Earth Day ‘17
Traditionally I build a Gaia Inuksuk to contribute to Earth Day , as more aware people the better for Gaia.
This version is tiny compared to all the rest, it’s only about 0.6m tall but yet it was quite a challenge since the architecture is unusual and actually not suitable for the windy condition at its spot. I just finished this tower and grabbed my camera and while turning around I felt already what’s going to happen. A big gust blew by and the freshly completed Inuksuk collapsed, of course I build it up again and I think I like the second one even better.

Let’s take care that our ecosystem never collapses since I doubt it’s possible to rebuild it…

Some thoughts for Earth Day.
The Dinh Cape is a very beautiful place unfortunately it is plastered by garbage of all kinds, really sad. I build this tower as a memorial for awareness of this bad situation on Earth.
We as a collective are responsible for this and we better work out some solution.
Up to today The Venus Project is the best such idea I came across while it addresses a whole bunch of human issues, I am convinced if we could realize it, it would also solve our pollution problem.
Today we rather invest into fighter jets, frigates and weapon of mass destruction because we fear each other, totally blind on the fact that the biggest treat to us is our way of living and raping Mother Nature. So why not use all this resources and money to deal with the real danger? Since we are enemies by choice not by fact, but pollution and exploitation is a fact!
Under the current system it’s very hard to really brake truth because even a perceptive woman/man who starts in politics to change the situation for a better will soon see her-/himself constrained from corporations and the rest of the world because we life in competition. Think about it, considering we do all this in cost of Nature it’s like biting the hand that feeds you.
I wish we will overthrow this system as soon as possible and simply do what’s better for each of us not disturbing one another and find back to a harmonic respectful way of threatening our HOME

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