Gaia Inukshuk #69

  • Date: 21.06.2017
  • Hight: ca.1.8m
  • Location: Boom Land

I build this Inukshuk on the summer solstice '17 with help from Calvin, the two of us where at this idyllic location for 6 weeks to build several rock landart installations.
During the past 10 years, since I started to create this rock towers, I have been pointing out many problems we face on the surface of this wonderful planet.
Usually I address social or environmental imbalances which I feel they are wrong and should get our attention to work out a solution.
This time I would like to share some thoughts which sets the spot light to a different direction...
Amazing things are happening all around us it really makes my heart jump. Change is happening right now right here!
At times it can be depressing to witness all the chaos and pain we as a specie create but I feel we need to be patient. Our live span is a spark and even quick change feels like a age, but in fact we change very fast, in many ways.
We can see the bad things manifesting around us or we can see those who benefit us. They are both there, its each of us who makes the decision what's in our focus. My advice is to focus on the good changes and connect whit it, to let them grow ... become active, creative, positive, compassionate and generous. Bee happy that you are allowed to live in the time humans may finally unite. Choose to be part of this evolution even you may wont see the mature fruit of that progress, being part of it should certainly fill you with much happiness, joy & love.
This to Special gratitude goes to the Boom Family which invited me and friends, but also for being such a great inspiration and example of what we humans can reach if we work together. I wish the energy from that magic place will reach very deep into human culture,


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