Gaia Inukshuk #70

  • Date: 01.10.2017
  • Hight: ca2m
  • Location: Aria 42

This Gaia Sculpture includes rocks I gathered for 4 years. I wasn't aware till I write this that exactly 4 years before, just on the day I worked on this Inukshuk I shared my first balance from this place.
For many of you who follow my works Aria 42 with its awesome sunsets is a known location. I am enjoying it very much to see how this unfolds. Gaia Inukshuk #70 happens to be in my rock garden where I spend countless hours improving my balance skills and is in the same time a celebration work for a decade of landart creations.
It's 10 years a go when I just arrived in India overland from Istanbul and I was full of amazing experiences from this journey already when I arrived at Kinnaur Valley. This place and all the love I experienced in Turkey, Iran and Pakistan just made me endless smile. In this vibe I saw the beauty in Nature even better and while I was hiking around Sangla I had that spirit which made me build the first tower above Kamru Fort. I had no clue that this is the beginning of something bigger when I placed the last rock after two days of work.
About two months later I was in Hampi a rock lovers heaven. If you have been there you know what I am talking about. That was the place I build some more stone sculptures and finally grew the idea of a art project.
I am very thankful that I am able to realize this work over such a long time and share it with the World.

Back to the latest we just created. I had my good friend Calvin over to help me on this one. For the big tower there was a rough idea but the rest of the installation is just coming together in the flow. So did the smaller of the two. I do love that it reminds on a male/female combination. It was when we finished the first one when I was thinking on a chess figure and that the king was missing but I did not see a good way to create one. We just continued building a smaller version and when searching for a top I saw that nice rock I recently picked up in a riverbed. Looking at all those round rocks I found the perfect match, not thinking of a phallus symbol at the time.
Looking at it for a long time from different angles I see many things but the strong female/male energy is omnipresent, I like it.

Isn't our gender one of the first levels of division we make as a human being in our world we created?
I think in every woman is a man and in every man is a woman, the right thing is to let those energy's naturally flow, balance will come by itself. Since this are very personal conflicts in the core of our being I see great potential for personal growth when focusing on it, which could allow us to see more similarities whiten us than differences. I believe to evolve as humans this is one of the things we must achieve to reach next level. To united inside as well as outside opens doors to incredible places, believe me ...

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