Gaia Inukshuk #71

  • Date: 21.06.2018
  • Hight: ca.2m
  • Location: Boom Land

Like the Inukshuk 69 this Inukshuk is build at summer solstice and was erected almost at the same spot and most likely includes a few rocks who been part of the previous tower. Unlike its predecessor it stayed for many days and maybe still dos.
As always I create this sculptures in honor of Gaia (Mother Earth) to remind human kind to respect our home.
I am also very great full that the Boom Family invited me back to share my energy with this amazing group of people, muito - muito - gratu I MISS YOU ALL!
The stay at this magic place was great, from the amazing blooming spring fields at my arrival till the final outcome of the rock garden I started the previous year with my good friend Calvin. This Year we added a duple rock spiral and a big lantern (Stellated Dodecahedron).
After this 3 months I'd like to mention what I already said last year, this place is a amazing showcase of whats possible if we humans unite our strength and work together. I wish the energy from that magic place will reach very deep into human culture...


The last 5 images bellow are taken by Boaz Fradkin

  • 1 Main stage (Dance Temple) at Night - made by the Good Mood Team (Boom Family)
  • 2 Chill Out Gardens - made by Bamboo DNA
  • 3 The amazing Emergence statue - made by Daniel Popper & team
  • 4 The Dragon at Sacred Fire - made by Tor
  • 5 The Rock Spiral with Lantern I created at day time...

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