Gaia Inukshuk #72

  • Date: 18.08.2018
  • Hight: ca1.7m
  • Location: Rio Landeira

This place is amazing and coming from the dusty Boom Land a real retreat. Nested near a National Park this valley got some splendid nature to offer. The crystal clear water lures you down into the creak where many pools and mossy boulders create a idyllic atmosphere.
I spend almost two weeks near this stream, creating almost every day something with rocks. Next to this new edition of a Gaia Inukshuk I build a new Fairy Castle like I did a while a go in Taiwan. I'll pack a few impressions along for you too understand why I am so in love with this place...

My view on climate change, I believe Nature is in constant change and that includes the climate as a part of Nature. I am in no position to judge to which degree humans and their action are responsible for the actual change happen right now. Fact is we are in troubles as a species that is out of question, I think that's the only fact we all can take for granted. All or most other so called facts are still speculations and assumptions some with a scientific background others just fears and opinions.
I am getting tired of our arguments to which degree humans are causing the climate change, because even if we call it scientific proven what dos that mean? It was once scientific proven that the world is flat, you get my point?
Unfortunately we end up in those discussions whether or not is our fault instead of realising that we need to act to be able to deal with whats coming!
If we work united we can influence the change in a positive way for us as a species and other living things as we know it. The time to start is yesterday!

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