Gaia Inukshuk #73

  • Date: 13.07.2019
  • Hight: ca1.9m
  • Location: Manbo Beach


5 years a go I discovered this magic place and it was always my wish to come back and get my hands dirty. This place offers about everything a artist of my kind need to get creative. After that long time I finally made it back and this time I spend almost a week here. During the day explored lots of nearby natural awesomeness because its too hot to work on the beach and early mornings, late afternoons and nights (with a bright moon) are just perfect to work.

尊重自然 - RESPECT NATURE became the theme of that installation because it was frustrating how much garbage I found in the process on the beach, left by careless humans and washed ashore by the Pacific. It's sad how we treat our Home!

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