Gaia Inukshuk #74

  • Date: 21.07.2019
  • Hight: ca1.9m
  • Location: Bililiang Valley

Care for your home, expand your home till the entire planet is your home, but understand that your home dos never belong to you. Care for the planet as it would by your personal shelter, the place you sleep and eat.
If you realize that you are part of the greater magic and that we all sit on the same space ship you will understand that together in harmony with our environment is the most reasonable way of spending time on that incredible planet.
We are blessed and we should respect that gift! Always Respect Nature at all means!
Care for Mother Nature, the balance is fragile ...

I spend a couple of days at this wonderful location and rebuild the tower after it crashed during a thunderstorm, that's why it changes its appearance as you can see in the image collection bellow...

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