Gaia Inukshuk #75

  • Date: 23.07.2019
  • Hight: ca2.2m
  • Location: Bililiang Valley

for the 75th Gaia Inukshuk I realized a idea I had a long time ago.
It was when I build the 59th Inukshuk with Bowen for Earthfest (festival) in Taiwan, that was the first tower which I build in that style, I told my friend it would by awesome to do this and make a fire inside. Now for that special occasion I finally realized that mission and the burn was amazing.

Krishna RamI want to dedicate this Gaia Inukshuk to my dear friend Krishna which passed on recently.
He was one of the biggest admirer of Gravity Meditation and always been supporting me with text editing works for web and print publications.
Rest In Peace my friend, you will be missed but I am sure you enjoy the ultimate peace

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