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Stones attracted me since I was a little! Its the shape, the colour and much more which makes each stone a unique piece of matter!
I was blessed growing up TV less and surrounded by stunning Nature where I spend many hours observing and exploring. Ever since I am in love with Mother Nature and I feel most comfortable out in the green. Already as a child inspired by my mum I created little pieces of landart here and there and I continued this practise from time to time but just for fun with no project in mind.

It was in the late nineties when I came across Rock Balancing for the first time. At the shore of lake Zürich in Switzerland, I meet a artist standing for hours in the water and placeing rocks after rocks into a state of equilibrium.
I was blown away that time and I had to laugh about the artist recommending me to try it my self. My replay at the time was "no way, what you are doing is crazy! I'll never be able to do this myself!", well I have proven myself wrong! Till I'll realise that many moons passed by.

The next big discovery of my life was travelling, which is together along my bound with Nature the most important experience of my life. With the travelling I also focused on photography a hobby I pursued already for a couple of years.
I was than in fall of 2oo7, just when I reached the amazing Himalayas overland from Europe full of heart warming experiences, when it all kind of started.
On a sunny day up in the breathtaking Kinnaur Valley I wandered around and felt the sudden ambition to do something special to show my appreciation of "being here and now" to Mother Earth. I start collecting rocks for two days and build a over two meter (6 feet) high tower, not knowing that this will change my life.
The next tower and the idea to keep on building those cairns which I later named Gaia Inuksuks came a few weeks later when I visited Hampi, a thoroughly magical place for any Nature lover but especially for those who are in favour of rocks! This place is totally unique to me and I am full of gratitude that my way lead me there!

When I visited Luzon island in early 2o12 it was one of those days when the stones spoken to me and I start stacking ... but I did not stop this time, I continued for 3 days till I stand in between 42 rock piles, it was this key experience which opened a new door to my creativity, its the balance which captured my attention. It was due a conversation when a local tour guide asked me if I only stack rocks or if I also balance them, I remembered the artist from Zürich. It happened that my camera broke on that trip and for the first time in a decade I was without a light drawing device.
I had much time back on Formosa to experiment with this practice I believed I would not be able to accomplish. I immediately felt great joy and as more I practised as harder it became to not doing it. To me its a magic discovery, my relation to stones was revolutionised and I developed a strong passion for this craft.
It became a interactive relation where I give balance to the rocks and they give balance to my life.
With my growing interest in the creation of art with rocks I shifted away from travel photography and devoted my time mostly to landart. As more time I spend being creative in Nature as wider my interest in landart became, beside the Gaia Inuksuks (cairns/rock towers) and the Stone Balancing I also love to work with sand, the tide, actually water in general and alternative organic materials to shape mandalas and sculptures.

With my work I wish to catch your attention to share a few moments of Natural beauty and the ability of endless modification of our world as well as our perception.

The Name Gravity Meditation combines two essential aspects of my work.
Meditation because it had ever since I balanced the first rock a very meditative effect on me. And Gravity because its the force which dos not only keep you on the surface of the Earth but also allows a wide range of fun and explorations. One of it is Rock Balancing a quick spreading activity in Nature which has several benefits. It reconnects humans with Nature, it encourages creativity and has a very calming effect on the practitioner.
I wrote a essay about The Art Of Rock Balancing which explains in depth the details of this organic art form. If you would like to try yourself on some earth sculptures in equilibrium I recommend to have a look at the tutorials.

I wish you a good time experiencing my creations...

Pascal Fiechter

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Images are        a beautiful
way to keep a individual Rock Balancing
sculpture lasting. Nevertheless when it comes
to video documentation a new feeling towards
this art form will quickly evolve. Wonderful
moments of motion and stillness in
harmony with Mother Nature.
This featured video is
just one of many
I created
in the
past years,
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