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Area 42

Area 42

It's where the magic happens. Area 42 is referring to both Area 51 and "The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything."
I found this hidden spot in middle of Taiwan's busy west-coast, it has a secret feeling to it that's how that name came about. Almost all rocks at my rock-garden are brought there over the time from many different riverbeds, mountains and beaches.
Often I got my little friend MeiMei with me its a old beagle lady whose appetite dos not know any border. I think she still wonders around what this is all about, I mean stack rocks on top of another and after return home with no snack time involved, may she will never understand this.
Taiwan got a great diversity of awesome rocks. Here in my garden I gathered many rocks brought from my numerous visits to different locations on the isle and some even from overseas. The rocks who end up here distinguish themselves usually by great shapes for silhouette balancing. My visual treasures are resting where I normally do.

I love this location with its stunning sunset views a lot. It's usually quite a tranquil spot too, only birds and crickets vibrate the matter around, even so close or actually in middle of a 3 million metropolis. This is quite a gift.

Beside the for my work at this spot typical silhouette style there are other options but angle light and background usually make the silhouette versions the most appealing.
Sometimes I even bring good friends along, like here awesome rock balance artist Michael from Gravity Glue , who visit us earlier this year (his work is extraordinary).

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