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Organic Art @ Boom Festival

Organic Art @ Boom Festival

Karesansui & Gaia Inuksuk @ Boom Festival

We spend 3 wonderful weeks at the Boom Land to create a rock instalation for the legendary Boom Festival .

The first 2 weeks we collected rocks and re-shape them to what became this Karesansui (枯山水 / dry zen garden) and during the event we build a couple of Inukshuks and balanced some rocks and share this great passion.
When we arrived at Boom Land I had no idea what or where I am going to create something, it was my first time in Portugal and I needed to adapt very quickly.
First I wanted just to make a simple rock-spiral and move on to another location near, or in the lake, but everything came a bit different...
This installation grew day by day and always some new idea poped up and at the end it tuck all the time till the first Boomers walked in to celebrate life and love.
One of the biggest challenges beside the Rock Heart and the Spirals was to melt this installation into the ancient wall. We tuck great care while selecting rocks so the surface had a old look as well.
I got the offer of sand being delivered on spot, what a lucky moment for a land-artist! I did play with sand drawings before but this offer let me finally try something I d'like to do for a while. I been always impressed by the Japanese zen gardens and now I had the possibility to try my own version.

The Gaia Inukshuk we build for Boom is now the 60iest worldwide. I start building this towers almost 10 years a go and will keep on staking them in the future.
If you would like to see the whole project visit the newly polished GAIA GALLERY

I would like to thank the Boom Family for inviting us to join this amazing happening and all people who came with a open loving to share, learn and exchange!