Since I am in this form on planet Earth I have been close to Nature but rootless in terms of the location. Its now almost a decade I made the bigger step out of the more or less familiar aria most humans call Europe. Traveling is refereed as a great way to study life I can't agree more and I would say there is no university which can teach you this lessen of self discovery trough traveling. There is no degree on paper but what you will gain as a person is beyond any certificate. You will face many unknown situations and emotions when discovering Mother Earth and its Earthlings on your own out of the known "comfort zone".

One thing I experience again and again is that us Earthlings, whereever we are and to whichever community we "belong", are basically all the same. We have the same worries and the same needs, our babies are hungry, we love to laugh and to be loved. This is a very essential fact of humanity! Whereever you go you'll find the funny, the lazy, the small, the big ones and so on, some happy some sad but this does not change the fact that we are all humans of the same kind! All differences between us stem from our ways of thinking, and are therefore a constructed reality...

It is all our and each individuals choice to create his/her own world he/she lives in. But keep in mind that everything has influence on everything, so each of your actions will affect all the energy and matter in any form including those we are not aware of. That also means that everything will reflect back on you, what you put out there will return in one or the other way. If you create peace inside you the outer world will follow in the way you perceive it, even if its in great conflict by other energy's. That where balance comes in, there is much to gain as a individual if your body and mind is in balance. Your health and relation to matter and souls around you will flourish.
As more Earthlings are centered and driven by creativity and happiness rater than by fear and greed, as bigger steps we can do to improve the health of Mother Nature including us humans. We are part of Nature and are directly affected by her health. There are so many people suffering illness and violence for the simple reason that we choose the "wrong" path, we eat the wrong food, pollute the lands and follow orders and costumes which often violate our personal feelings of "good" and "bad" but manipulated by fear, convenience, blind trust and ideological judgement we overcome personal feelings of compassion and love.

I love to invite you being part of the reflection off all humans to realize that if we stop being afraid from each other everybody will be in bigger harmony. We compete for land and resources which in the first place belong to nobody but Mother Nature it self. We are all the same, we are matter which seams to realize itself and that is a incredibly amazing thing which we are allowed to experience. We should realize that everything is so strongly connected that every negativity created by us will affect us immediately, to feel this thought you may need to think... out of the box. I believe its good to question personal convictions and reflect emotions as deep down as possible.

Back to the roots that's where we can find the information to solve our problems. Back to the roots to reconnect and create more balance with what we are, Nature. Back to the roots of our emotions and fears to overcome what makes us sick, anxious and competitive.

There are many ways to go according to find the place often refereed as the "paradise", it is interesting to see that it is so close that most people don't realize, in fact you can touch it! It is the now and we are the builders of the so called "paradise" it is up to us how we style it. It can be imaginary as many people may experience it or it can also be your daily life, this choice is all in your hands! Be free to make your own choice and do not force others whats the right choice because there is no right choice there is only choice. We will never match the way we would explain the "everything" as we all experience a different perspective and for each his/her personal view is right.

Future and past (Not their consequences) do exist only in our brains as something we refer too as bio mechanical memories, besides this they are non-existing. In the now we can make decisions which can put the world we created upside down, everything is possible (almost, hahaha). Food and health for everybody and a hug for even the most lonely depressed and maybe aggressive Earthling. We can call this all a dream, or actually live the dream. I need to learn that this change of human consciousness and something I would call a "civilized-world" may takes a long, long time in comparison of my short time on earth ... yet it dos not affect the now, and if it dos than only because I choose to think so...

With Gravity Meditation I would like to link humans with Nature, back to the roots!
While wandering around on the surface of our planet I strengthened my always solid bound with Mother Nature and found many personal questions about the "everything" answered by my observations. Those information are stronger to me than anything ever could come out of a mouth or a book. I feel the observation of Nature is the cleanest source of information you can access. Nature is what we and all the rest is. Often I feel if people express to me what they think of "god" (in what ever name), that they talk of what Nature means to me. Its all about this different perception which we will never match a explanation but yet it is the same thing put into different words.

Playing with rocks is a wonderful way to spend your time on Earth. I once said:

“I give balance to the rocks, and they give
balance back to me. It's an exchange.”

As we are all unique it will affect us differently but at the core I am sure it creates boundaries between the balancer and Nature, it will definitely have a impact on the practitioners patience and sensitiveness. Where I see one of the biggest benefit is in the process it self when one forget about everything but the rock in his hand, it's center point and gravity's consequences. This is when you reached the now .... everything else is gone, back to the roots - reconnect with the source - Mother Nature!
When we been kids and our brains empty of all the "constructed reality" and much closer to the now than any adult, it seams to be much easier to be happy. Today we look at children and we look at there eyes and smiles thinking how beautiful they shine and the wish to be like this again. Well let me tell you one thing, its all your choice how you handle your "adultness"!
I experience people to be shy and fearful of other peoples judgement to sit in the "dirt" grab a few rocks and start being a kid again, or lets say just enjoy the very now. Its about me and my reality why I do this and feel all the goodness it reflects back to my life. I am not concerned about someone dos not get the point, why should I? I wish that those people will find there way of connecting to the now! In the meanwhile I share my achievement with people who are positive about it.

Another thing this art is teaching the practitioner is to let go! You can be the best balancer in the world, sooner or later those sculptures are gone. It can be frustrating at some point when practicing Rock Balancing and not getting to the point or just losing a balance after a few seconds ... but its also a challenge! The Challenge of letting go and be happy about it, see the positive in something which seams to be negative or frustrating. We humans have a tendency to not let go of so many different things, I believe that rock balancing is a good playful way to to counteract.


Free yourself from stereotypes