The Art Of Rock Balancing

After 10 years of landart works I thought its time for a documentation of my crations.
It was in late 2oo7 when I started this adventure and it's still hapening, even this year I spend a lot of time in front of my screen to bring this book alive.
I am drilled its finally ready to be shared with you. You'll find a selection of my finest creations from the past decade as a landartist spread over 144 pages. Unlike my first book which was simply a photobook I share storys, background information and personal thoughts with you. Among the over 300 images I also included a carefully picked selection of quotes which fit the energy of the book. Last but not least I added a small tutorial to the art of Rock Balancing.

4 Gaia Inukshuk (how it all began)
18 Tappiyah Magic (how I came to balancing rocks)
22 Rock Balancing (to be continued through the book)
32 Aria 42 (my rock garden ~ where the magic happens)
50 Ramblin’ Rocks (my travel buddies)
76 Forest Fairy Castle (some days on a jungle stream)
108 Rock Globe (a seriously heavy construction)
114 Sand Globes (simply water and sand)
126 The Rock Tribe Gathering (where the rocks meet)
130 Earth Sculptures (additional organic art)
138 Optical Illusion (why it can look impossible)
140 Tutorial (how to balance a rock)

A few peeks into the book...

Open Book Page
Open Book Page
Open Book Page
Open Book Page
Open Book Page
Open Book Page

Official Book Trailer

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